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System helps machine-learning models glean training information for diagnosing and treating brain conditions
MIT | 19.06.2019
Image credit: Courtesy of the researchers

Photonic chip could run optical neural networks 10 million times more efficiently than its electrical counterparts
MIT | 05.06.2019
Image credit: MIT researchers

Data transmitted via millimetre waves can be directly converted into light pulses for optical fibres
ETH Zürich | 21.11.2018
Image credit: Nature Photonics (2018)

Supercomputing: Aurora, the ALCF’s future exascale system, will provide over 1.000 petaflops of power
Argonne National Laboratory | 12.11.2018
Image credit: ALCF/ANL

Small drones can land and move objects that are 40 times their weight
EPFL | 25.10.2018
Image credit: Stanford News/Kurt Hickman

TU Delft: QuTech researchers put forward a roadmap for quantum internet development
TU Delft | 18.10.2018
Image credit: Scixel/TU Delft

An ultra-light glove that enables users to feel and manipulate virtual objects
EPFL | 15.10.2018
Image credit: Marc Delachaux – 2018 EPFL

AI: neural networks enables error-correction learning for computers based on quantum physics
MPG | 05.10.2018
Image credit: Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

Italian Institute of Technology (IIT): Working toward partner-aware humanoid robot control
Tech Xplore | 01.10.2018
Image credit: IIT – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia